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Our purpose is to support you in developing a deeper connection to plants, fostering curiosity about the natural world around you, communing with plant spirits, and embracing the Earth's innate wisdom to guide us towards sustainability as a species.

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Discover the power of herbalism and the Urban Moonshine family of products

From Our Customers

  • "Can’t live without these! My husband and I discovered these a couple of years ago when trying to get rid of heart burn. They have helped tremendously!"

    -Sarah B.

    Citrus Bitters

  • "This throat spray works every time. Just a few sprays brings immediate relief. This is an essential in my cold weather medicine chest. I love it."

    -Andrea T.

    Throat Spray

  • "I love how I am feeling now that I have started using Bitters. It is totally helping with digestion and feeling balanced."

    -Claudia J.

    Healthy Liver Bitters

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