Meet The Team

Jovial King

Founder & Creative Director


Jovial started Urban Moonshine in her kitchen in 2008 and it has grown from a booth at the local farmers market to a national brand. Raised deep in the countryside of Northern Vermont, Jovial grew up on an off-the-grid homestead where she spent endless hours wandering in the woods, swimming in the creek, climbing trees and digging around in the garden. It was a childhood deeply immersed in plants and exploration of the wild, uncultivated power of nature. She found she had a great love of plants and herbal medicine. Her goal is to bring herbal medicine out of the cupboard and onto the counter, into everyday life.

Guido Masé

Chief Herbalist


Guido is a clinical herbalist, herbal educator, and garden steward specializing in holistic Western herbalism, though his approach is eclectic and draws upon many influences. Guido works clinically and teaches at the Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism and is a professional member of the American Herbalists Guild. He is the author of The Wild Medicine Solution: Healing with Aromatic, Bitter and Tonic Plants

Lexie Daly



Lexie has always felt a deep affinity to plants, natural medicine, and spending time in the forest, and her path has led her through many different explorations of her love for the natural world. Lexie joined the original UM team in 2012, shortly after completing her studies in plant biology, ecology, and environmental science. A true generalist, she spent her early career at UM learning every aspect of the business, eventually becoming part of the leadership team as Chief Operating Officer. She honed her financial skills during her time away from UM in the non-profit sector, and is thrilled to return to leading UM through it's next chapter.

Lexie enjoys spending as much time as she can outside, enjoying country living, gardening, and walks in the woods withher two little ones and her husband. Lexie is passionate about sustainability, cooking nourishing & delicious food, and living an intentional, present, peaceful life.

Aisling Badger

Marketing Communications Manager


Aisling grew up in a family of herbalists and naturalists, so her love for the outdoors was ingrained from an early age. She pursued her passion by studying Ethnobotany and clinical herbalism, and has been working with plants for over a decade.


A lifelong enthusiast of healthy living, savoring the moment, and being outside as much as possible, Aisling was drawn to Urban Moonshine's mission of reconnecting people with plant medicine. She joined the UM team in 2012 and has remained a dedicated member through the brand's various chapters. With her unique blend of herbalist expertise and a creative mindset, she leads Urban Moonshine's marketing endeavors.


Aisling finds inspiration in the beauty of plants, good meals with loved ones, bodies of water, travel, and stories. You can often find her outdoors or traveling with her pup and fiancé.

Morgan Messersmith

Sales Director


Living and working from the mountains outside Boulder, Colorado for the last 22 years, Morgan has started and worked with several companies and nonprofits from their infancy to scale. Focusing on food, sustainability and hospitality along the way, Morgan is a dedicated foodie, passionate cook, and avid adventurer, and looks to combine her passions accordingly in every venture she undertakes.

Kyle Keys

Business Operations Manager


Kyle is one of the newest members of the Urban Moonshine team and is excited to help get our great products back into the hands of our amazing customers. He grew up in the Upper Valley area of Vermont and spent countless hours outside enjoying the fresh air and beauty of the state. After leaving for college, he spent a few years in Philadelphia and Washington, DC, before landing at Whole Foods Market's headquarters office in Austin. The first time Kyle walked through a store it reminded him of going to the local food Coop with his mom; one of his earliest childhood memories. His passion for organic and natural foods drew him to Urban Moonshine after relocating back to northwestern Vermont in 2020.

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